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Baby room

Taking on the board the Curiosity Approach and incorporating the guidance of the Early Years Foundation Stage, we have designed an area which provides babies with a peaceful space to explore, learn and play.  From 6 weeks onwards children are loved and cared for by some of our experienced and dedicated team members. We work together to ensure you and your child feel happy and settle quickly when transitioning to nursery, ensuring we do our upmost to make it as easy as possible, providing parents/carers with the reassurance and confidence they need.

At Care4kids childcare working with parents/carers to provide themselves and their little ones with high quality care is essential. Through communications we’re able to provide care and routines which closely mimic home, giving parents/carers peace of mind and the baby continuity.

Outdoor play is an essential part of children’s learning and development. At Care4kids our outdoor area for the babies offers a variety of resources which extends their explorative instincts and invigorates discovery.

Through words we try to describe the feeling that you experience when you enter our baby area however, this is a hard task! With the use of natural resources, space for the serene times and space for crawling and toddling you really need to book a viewing to get a real sense for yourself.



This room is designed to provide opportunities which enhance toddlers investigative and explorative nature. It is filled with natural learning resources using the Curiosity Approach.

When the child is ready to move on from the baby room which is based on their developmental stage not just their age, we have a supportive, experienced team to support the child by following their lead.

This room is where children blossom using their own sense and style to build relationships, confidence and independence. Through an array of opportunities various skills are extended and nurtured to aid children on their way through life stages.

Parents/carers are constantly involved with their child’s development and through communication we work together in developing toileting routines etc.

Outdoor play is essential at all ages and stages of development and we provide free flow for children to choose how they spend their day. Our nursery garden provides children with sand, a mud kitchen, plants and many other resources to spur their investigations on.

Both indoor and outdoor within this area we provide active hands-on learning which means things do get messy, so spare clothes are needed.

At Care4kids we strive in providing thinkers and doers for the future its not all about having children sitting and learning. We are dedicated to support each and every child through their learning journey providing good foundations for life.


Pre School

This is where we at Care4kids provide children with the opportunities to further build on their life readiness skills. Using the Curiosity Approach and integrating the Early Years Foundation Stage we teach the children to build their foundations ready for life.

When children reach this age and stage of development the team is ready to support children to build and secure the foundations, developing personal, social and emotional skills, communication and language skills, Physical skills, mathematic skills, creativity and their knowledge of their world.
Again using various natural resources and offering an array of creative and imaginative learning opportunities we ensure children are supported and ready for their final stage in nursery.

Care4kids offers pre school children the opportunities to experience the Afterschool club to help support their transition to school. This is situated at the owners (Rachelle Riley’s home) which will allow the pre school children to get a taste of the next step in their life journey.

Children are our little flowers on their way to reach their full blossom, here at Care4kids we are dedicated to make their journeys memorable ones for both child and family.

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