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Care4kids Childcare has been created to be a warm and homely environment, mirroring homelife.

We endeavour to make the setting a tranquil and calm space for the children using soft lighting, plants, natural and authentic resources, helping the children to feel relaxed with a sense of belonging. We have a team of passionate and motivated staff providing children with a wonderful and inviting opportunity to get involved with activities. We believe that a calming atmosphere gives children the opening to learn rather than play in an over stimulating environment with bold colours which can become loud and overwhelming.



We aspire to create a home from home here at Care4kids Childcare. With the love, respect and comfort that children would experience in their own homes. We strive to provide optimum learning opportunities while allowing the children to grow, develop and flourish into unique individuals. Everyone at Care4kids Childcare has a voice that is heard, from children to staff.





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