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01233 712712


08.00- 17.30

(Other hours can be arranged)

Tel: Afterschool & Holiday club

01233 714231


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Care4kids Nursery

The Arthur Baker Playing Fields

The Moat


TN27 0JJ


Care4kids Afterschool and Holiday Club

The Courtyard

Charing Hill, Charing Kent

TN27 0NL


     Our Curriculum

Our curriculum is planning in the moment 

Knowing each child as an individual and supporting their own ideas and interests. 

Spotting the opportunity for a teachable moment and allowing them to learn in their own way.


We have high quality staff recognising schemas and supporting each child's own way of learning and play. Providing plenty of resources to support schematic play.


Our knowledge of key children and the relationships we build with them is a fundamental part of their learning 


Provocations and invitations to play are throughout the environment indoors and out, set out with the children's interests in mind.


We use the natural environment around us to support learning, always having the opportunity to be outdoors and encouraging it wheneverpossible. We also have natural phenomena indoors.

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